What we do for you:
* Evaluate your query letter and let you know if your manuscript fits our parameters.
* Read excepts of your manuscript to evaluate if it's ready for publication.
* Give you publishing options.

Click here for Query Letter Information

If your book is accepted for contract with Boudica we will:
* Make suggestions as to how you can improve the quality of your manuscript for literary quality, targeted readership and improved sales.
* Help you prepare your text manuscript for the print process.
* Help you prepare your book cover for the print process (we can also design your cover for you.)
* Publish your book.
* Have your books printed.
* Provide ISBN number and bar code for sales tracking.
* Feature and sell your book through the Boudica web site.
* Arrange for your book to be listed and sold at
* Arrange for you to purchase an unlimited quantity (as few or as many as you like) of your books at a wholesale price.
* Help you craft a marketing plan to sell your book to the targeted readership.
* Pay you royalties from Boudica and Amazon sales of your book.
* Provide personal attention throughout the process. Give you honest information.

What you will have to do to publish your book with Boudica:
* Write a good book that fits the parameters of Boudica or one of its divisions.
* Send Boudica a query letter with information about your book --
click here to see guidelines for your query letter.
* Be accepted by Boudica (or one of its divisions) for publication.
* Confer with a Boudica representative about your book. Discuss contract information.
* Make changes and edits to your manuscript as needed. Be sure your book is edited to professional standards.
* Sign a contract with Boudica.
* Prepare your book cover for formatting for printing, if you are designing it yourself.
* Submit your manuscript to Boudica for formatting for printing.
* Confer with Boudica on your marketing plan.
* Work with Boudica to set the price of your book.
* Purchase any books you want to sell yourself, at wholesale prices. You will be required to purchase at least   50 copies of your own book at wholesale price. This will cost about $250 plus shipping or less.
* Implement your marketing plan with Boudica's help.

**Please note that the above description of author/publisher interaction is only a guideline and is subject to change. It should not be considered legal contract language in any way.

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