Query Letter

When contacting Boudica Publishing Inc. about possible publication of your book you should have a finished manuscript that is edited. Your first step is to send a query letter to Boudica for consideration. Please follow these query letter guidelines. Please note that at this time Boudica is only publishing Lesbian mysteries.

All submissions should be GLBT themed.

Boudica does not publish memoirs. We also are not particularly interested in depressing books.

Your query letter for a mystery novel should:

** Be one page

** (In the first paragraph) Include the title of the book, the genre, the number of words, indicate what you want - publisher - agent - even advice. If you have a tag line for your book, use it at this point. If your book is already edited include that information here.

** (In the second paragraph) Include the name of the main character, her job, a few words about her life and her world.

** (In the third paragraph) Outline the plot and describe the full story arc including the ending.

** (In the forth paragraph) Describe your credentials as a writer. Include your previous publications, your professional experience, college degrees, anything that highlights your skills.

** (In the fifth paragraph) Sum up the letter. You may want to say you have included a few pages - or that you would be happy to send a few chapters or a full manuscript.

In all cases, be sure to be as brief and concise as possible. Use descriptive words. Be sure your letter reads well and has no typos or errors. After all it is representing your book. If your letter is poorly written, it will negatively influence the reader. Do not send a form letter!

Email your query letter and additional information to: